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Western Digital Tegile Database
Accelerate Database Throughput and Response Times

Accelerate your business by accelerating your databases. Increase transaction throughput by 10x, deliver sub-millisecond latency, and dramatically reduce your storage footprint.

Increase Database PerformanceIncrease Database Performance

Dramatically Reduce Database Response Time

Whether your databases support transaction processing, data warehousing, or real-time analytics applications, they must consistently deliver quick access to time-sensitive information. Reduce database transaction wait times to sub-milliseconds and increase throughput by 10x, with Western Digital Tegile portfolio of Intelligent Flash Array solutions. You’ll be able to store your data 10x faster, analyze your data 50x faster, and report on your data 100x faster.

Compromise nothing when it comes to storing, protecting and accessing your business critical information. Western Digital Tegile Flash Arrays deliver sustained performance, resiliency and economics enabling you to accelerate your business while lowering storage infrastructure costs.

Reduce Storage Footprint

Virtualize & ConsolidateVirtualize & Consolidate

More Databases Per Server
Scale your databases by virtualizing and consolidating more per server while overcoming the challenges of I/O blending in a virtual environment. Providing for massive bandwidth allocation and IOPs availability, Western Digital Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays help alleviate end user challenges during peak usage times, keeping consistent with performance SLAs. By migrating your databases to Western Digital Tegile Flash Arrays, you can increase transactional throughput by accelerating redo log writes, scale data warehouse applications by accelerating disk-based sorting, and supercharge your database indexing performance.

Inline Compression & Deduplication
Inline Compression & Deduplication

2x - 5x Reduction in Storage Footprint
The inline deduplication and compression capabilities of Western Digital Tegile Flash Arrays dramatically cut down your overall storage total cost of ownership. Achieve 2x – 5x reduction of database sizes allowing for larger consolidation of datasets. For online backup copies of databases, achieve up to 10x reduction in storage footprint. Thin provisioning enables just-in-time storage provision to reduce provisioned physical capacity.

Protect Business Critical Information

Continuous Availability
Continuous Availability

Avoid Information Downtime
Databases often contain business-critical data that have to be protected and available 24 x 7. When deployed with Western Digital Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays, databases benefit from the resilience, end-to-end data integrity, and high availability features inherent in our arrays. Additionally, with flash-optimized RAID protection, zero-copy clones, Western Digital Tegile arrays provide the perfect platform to store and manage your business-critical information.

Snapshot Backup & Recovery Snapshot Backup & Recovery

Eliminate Backup Windows
Enable frequent and instantaneous backups of production or test-development databases with IntelliFlash™ snapshot technology. Whether you are deploying databases using raw volumes or filesystems, protect your databases without the complexity of external backup software. DBAs can take frequent database-consistent backups of their data and log files. Backups are space-efficient and deduped for best efficiency. Recovery from database backup copies is almost instantaneous.

Remote Replication
Remote Replication

Full Business Continuity
Ensure full business continuity by automating the transfer of business critical information to a remote site using IntelliFlash snapshot-based replication technology. Leverage your deduped, space-efficient snapshot backups to create remote replicas. IntelliFlash makes recovery simple for DBAs by allowing database restoration from local or remote snapshots that are always application-consistent.

Certified & Optimized

Deploy Databases with Confidence

Deploy Databases with Confidence

Western Digital Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays are well suited to run a wide range of database workloads including OLTP, Decision Support, Data Warehousing, Real-time Analytics.  As a key development partner to the major database vendors, Western Digital Tegile has developed and validated several reference architectures through extensive co-engineering and testing with database vendors.  Deploy your databases on Western Digital Tegile flash Arrays, reduce your operational risk and accelerate your business with confidence.