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Western Digital Tegile Server Virtualization
Manage More Hypervisors While Lowering Costs and Latency

Virtualize more enterprise applications without performance concerns. Deliver 5x more I/Os per second, reduce your storage footprint by 75%, and ensure comprehensive VM-level data protection.

Increase Virtual Server Consolidation Increase Virtual Server Consolidation

Accelerate Virtual Machine Performance

Concerns about virtual server performance often prevent certain enterprise applications from being virtualized. Performance also determines the number of virtual machines that can be consolidated within a physical server, impacting the overall cost of virtualization.

Western Digital Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays deliver low latency and high IOPs for virtual server environments running performance-hungry applications like VDI, SQL Server, Share Point, Oracle, and other business-critical applications. Western Digital Tegile arrays deliver 5X the performance of traditional storage arrays at 1/3rd their cost, allowing you to virtualize more enterprise applications and achieve better VM consolidation.

Reduce Storage Footprint

Block & File Access Block & File Access

Consolidate Storage for Virtual Servers
All Western Digital Tegile arrays support multiple protocols – FC, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS. You can choose to provision storage for virtual machines using block storage or file protocols like NFS and SMB 3.0*, depending on your specific needs. In addition to virtual machines, you can also provision file shares for the virtual machines using NFS or CIFS, all on a single Western Digital Tegile array. Instead of deploying multiple arrays from different vendors, you can consolidate multiple workloads on a single Western Digital Tegile array.

Inline Compression & DeduplicationInline Compression & Deduplication

Reduce Storage Consumption by 75%
Reduce your storage capacity needs for virtual servers by 75% using Western Digital Tegile’s data reduction technologies. Western Digital Tegile’s patented IntelliFlash™ technology enables inline de-duplication and compression of data across both flash and hard disk drives. Moreover, deduplication and compression act as performance multipliers by maximizing the use of flash storage. Western Digital Tegile’s unique data reduction capabilities dramatically cut down your storage acquisition and operational costs.

Continuous VM Availability

VM & Application Consistent SnapshotsVM & Application Consistent Snapshots

Protect VM Images and Application Data
All Western Digital Tegile arrays come bundled with space-efficient snapshots and clones. Integration with hypervisor and operating system software enables VM-consistent snapshots for virtual machine images and application-consistent snapshots for application data. The Western Digital Tegile programmable REST APIs, enable you to script and automate backup tasks. Additionally, Western Digital Tegile arrays are fully redundant with no single point of failure and dual active/active controllers to maximize your investment in array hardware.

Remote Data ReplicationRemote Data Replication

Restore & Recover Instantaneously
VM-consistent snapshots enable you to instantaneously recover from data loss or corrupted data. VM-consistent backups and restores can be performed through the Western Digital Tegile Web UI or through the Western Digital Tegile-integrated hypervisor UI. To recover from site outages and ensure business continuity, all Western Digital Tegile arrays also come bundled with snapshot based remote replication software for bandwidth efficient data replication across datacenters. With Western Digital Tegile, the VM infrastructure and application data for your enterprise applications are always available.

Certified & Integrated

De-risk your Virtual Server Environment
De-risk your Virtual Server Environment

Western Digital Tegile Intelligent Flash arrays are certified with all the major hypervisors, including VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xenserver. Joint development and integration with hypervisors through various APIs enables you to deploy your virtual server infrastructure with confidence and peace of mind. Integration also makes your virtual infrastructure management seamless, and allows you to snapshot, backup and restore your virtual machines and data in a VM-consistent and application-consistent manner.